Heart Of Cards

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Storm's Fathers Day Card 2016

With this card, Storm did a laptop shaped card. I printed a laptop & mounted it onto white card stock then cut it out. The frame was coloured in red & the keyboard in multi colours. On the screen Storm decided to put icons on it as it is on her fathers computer.....all of the icons were drawn by herself. Below the icons she wrote Happy Fathers Day in bubble writing & coloured it in colourful. On the keyboard she wrote we love you xxxxxxxxx

Her father was very happy with it & really appreciates it

Fathers Day 2016

My loving husband & father to our 4 kids is very computer technically minded, he basically lives on computers playing games, building computers etc etc.

So, this year we decided to do a card on a laptop theme. I printed a picture of a laptop, mounted it onto card stock then cut it to shape. The frame & keyboard was coloured with colour pens. I then added Happy Fathers Day with silver sticky letters & put a heart gem in the lower left of the screen.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Exploding Box

My daughter needed a birthday card for her best friends birthday & decided to tell me on Saturday & her friends birthday was the following day. I was lost for ideas as her friend is a girl at home yet a tom boy when she's playing in the park etc etc.
The solution I found was taking apart an old Peanut Truffles box & lid the creating my own boxing using that same design.

I had created a exploding box & lid out of some light blue card I had. I then cut 5 pieces of silver mirri card  measuring 8cm x 8cm to adhere onto each panel of the box. I have some nice best friends paper which I cut 5 different designs measuring 7.5cm x 7.5cm and adhered these to the silver mirri card. 
These were then adhered to the box base.

My daughter then wanted to make the outside of the box look sparkly so she stencilled each side of the box saying "Happy 11th Birthday Jasmine", and glittered each side a different colour.

She punched out some butterflies from white card stock & glittered each butterfly matching to the word on each outside panel of the box.

For the lid cover she chose a floral design and added a gem to each flower centre.

\the box was then filled with a variety of sweets, neatly tied closed with a ribbon and a Happy birthday tag.