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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Storm's craft

My daughter Storm aged 7 pictured above, was given a huge box of crafty items for her birthday but never got around to doing anything with them since her birthday which was in September. Now that the school holidays are here, I told her very nicely that if she doesn't use them I'll give them to charity for some other little girl to use.
With that, last night she got a bee in her bonnet & got down to doing something. Without any help, she just followed the pictures on the box & made these 3 items.

 The purple one is a monkey, which she claims has a bent arm so that he can hold her daddys cigarettes :-)

The bird house is made from lolly sticks all glued on top of each other. The bird was made from pom-poms & tied at the top with some cotton to make him swing about.

The snowman is made from 2 pom-poms glued together with a felt hat & shiny pipe cleaner around his neck as a scarf.
Well done Storm....you do me proud my angel xxx


  1. absolutely brilliant, well done Storm x

  2. Well done Storm! These are fabulous. Another crafter in the making :)

    Linda xxx

  3. Oh Storm, thank you so much for entering the craftymess challenge over on the craftymess challenge blog.
    What a lovely piece of work. Bright and colourful and I love the different elements you have used :D
    Love Lisa xxxx

  4. Thank you very much ladies, she is delighted with all your comments & said yes...definately another crafter in the making :-)

  5. Love it shes done a great job thanks for joying us over at craftymess challenge Nicky xxxxx

  6. What a great idea and very well done, thanks for entering the Craftymess Challenge Good Luck xx