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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Craft storage

Well, this is the cupboard I've been bragging about. Doing some shopping in summer we came across this cupboard at a second hand store. I think my husband must have got quite tired of me using the dining table but hey, you know a crafter...never tidy & still prefers alot of space :-). When my husband asked the kind lady how much the cupboard is, he nearly fainted with the price...£50 she answered. It was the quickest I have seen my husband put so much money in a strangers hand. It turned out that it's actually a sweing craft cupboard but with the small box removed it becomes a craft cupboard. He knows I've wanted one for years but they've just been too expensive. As you can see, the dining table still gets used :-)

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  1. your craft cupboard is beautiful. fits well in your home